Bump, the sequel...

Flump is banging about but still not quite sure if it wants to join the world. Doesn't stop it giving me a good kicking in the meantime though.

I can't quite believe I am going to have 2 toddlers under 3 at the same time. Eeeek.

fortnight holiday

We need a holiday, and are faced by two issues. Travelling with little v2.0 is rather tricky anyway. Cruises don't provide sitting facilities to the under 1 year olds. We have to pay for the nursury here anyway. Plus I don't do well in the sun. So we are staying at home.

However. M has been working from home and I'm not convinced he will stop and have a holdiay if we stay here. Me neither really. Any suggestions anyone?


M has done a wonderful picture which he has just printed for me. It is gorgeous. Well she is gorgeous. You can see my arm and fringe - not much else.


We had a Eurovulsion party Saturday night. Basically an excuse to drink alcohol and home made curry. Superb. Of course no one got as drunk as Terry Wogan - Points of View will be busy. K and R were over which was fortunate as we made curry for 8, and divided by 4 that was about right. M developed the worlds most grogeous sag aloo recipe. I am droolling even now. It was burn your mouth spicy (so about average by anyone else's standards) but even I had to go through the burn. Couldn't believe Serbia won - are there really that many supporters of militant girl on girl displays ...(was that a dumb question..)

Went shopping today, and got eyes checked. Now wearing a v snazzy pair of Teb Baker glasses and the possibility of my head aches / migraines going for good. Got M his birthday pressie (Cannon lens, heck he was with me so hardly a surprise). M thinks this has verged too far on the generous so has promised me a weekend in London to see my mates whilst he babysits.

Also got two pairs of shoes in Top Shop - I feel about 12 again.
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Amy Winehouse

I've been listening to this in the car and it's been superb. However is it just me? Is there a big row with her supporting band? I swear at times she is singing to an entirely different tune. Alternatively her mixer has it in for her.

Nontheless superb. Get it, get it, get it....